14 November, 2010

OLPC Samoa field mission report

In May 2010, 75 XO-1.0 laptops were distributed to children and teachers in two primary schools in Samoa - 48 laptops went to Laumoli Primary School children and 27 laptops went to Paia Primary. Both schools are located on Savaii Island. In August, Tom Parker and Tabitha Roder, who are active in members of OLPC New Zealand and the global OLPC community, mounted a self-funded mission to Samoa to visit the two schools to provide technical assistance and assess the deployments. As part of their work at the schools, they used a grant by the Australian Youth Trust of the Commonwealth Day Committee of NSW to buy and install servers and wireless access points. The mission was supported by Secretariat of the Pacific Community and the Samoan Ministry of Education Sports and Culture (MESC). Tom and Tabitha's report is a clear and comprehensive assessment and offers some important recommendations for Samoa to consider, especially with regards to design and integration in the curriculum. See the full report below.

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