01 April, 2010

Private sector backs OLPC in remote Australia

Australia's private sector is backing OLPC in the remote outback:
"Now, an ambitious program that's caught the philanthropic attentions of some of Australia's biggest companies. Called One Laptop Per Child, it aims to deliver a computer loaded with educational programs to every child aged between four and fifteen years in hundreds of remote and outer-regional communities around the country. The program is the local extension of a global effort to give laptops to children in developing countries. And yesterday in a remote northern territory town it moved one small step closer to achieving its Australian goals..."
Read the full transcript and access an inspiring video here.

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Unknown said...

Greetings from Canada !

I am a retired ESL teacher & new volunteer for One Laptop Per Child.

My job ? Making a " OLPC Global Annual Contest."

How ? So far . . . Contest is styled on the Olympics ( VERY loosely ! )

" Smilebox " founder may assist in allowing us to use the company's site, providing OLPC children the vehicle to submit their entry for our . . . FIRST ANNUAL GLOBAL CONTEST

Categories : math\art\science\poetry\film\music\photography\short stories.

Prizes : GOLD, SILVER & Bronze ribbon & certificate for each category.

What do you think ? Love input !


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