01 February, 2009

That's what friends are for...

OLPC Friends is a community project for enthusiasts, developers and volunteers in the Australia/New Zealand/Pacific region. Launched in November 2008, Friends offers a much-needed platform for social networking among the scattered and varied organisations and individuals working together to bring the OLPC vision to the Pacific and beyond. Friends fills a "people centred" gap missing from existing online OLPC resources and includes forums, volunteer and project registrations, news about OLPC in the region and ways and opportunties for people to collaborate and simply get involved. 
Visit the OLPC Friends website to join their mailing lists, community forums, get the latest regional community news and more!  Projects and community discussion can be found on the OLPC Friends Forum.
OLPC Friends is taking a hands-on role in mobilising resources to assist trial deployments in Australia and the Pacific. And it is playing an indispensible public interest role by providing an outlet for public discourse, a home for the organic OLPC community, and the electronic resources we need to leverage in order to make One Laptop per Pacific Child a sustainable reality.

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